All-Star Games 2015

 Has finally arrived the day on which initiate innovative intergalactic hunting game with the launch of Evolve, the new from the creators of Left 4 Dead which proposes to partner with three other friends to take down a giant monster, controlled by another user. Among the occasions that we could test the game and betas that have been there quite hype, since ideas are very interesting title and offer a new twist on the classic FPS multiplayer. Although I have yet my doubts about whether the content of the game will justify the full price, as I think, we can enjoy the launch trailer, which makes us ready for all the characters in this hunt review. And you, have you wanting to step into Evolve?
Asteroids: Outpost is the title chosen by Atari to bring back one of the most charismatic arcade games. Asteroids was a simpleton game in which you had to destroy all kinds of asteroids trying to hit your ship.

Atari Games and Salty know very well how to do your homework, before such news about a new game Asteroids and all the games that are currently based on the original, something sensed that this would be another game. And so, the new Asteroids: Outpost allow us to embody a space miner. Our mission is simple, diving deep into the universe and find a place to create our base.

Radical change in Asteroids
Asteroids: Outpost allows us to perform all kinds of activities, from exploring our periphery to find and collect food or make excavations in order to achieve find new minerals to create different objects. But the main task will be to get as much money as we can, that does not mean we have a clear path to achieve this, on the contrary, we deal with all kinds of dangers looming in the dark depths of space.

There is still no release date set, but the change of that Asteroids "eighties" will be brutal seeing what is coming. As disclosed, Asteroids: Outpost is a kind of MMO broad movement. The staunchest fans of retro sure at this very moment are going berserk, but still, here we ask you to give it a try and finally see store for us this great and charismatic game.

Asteroids: Outpost will be distributed through the STEAM platform for PC users will have to wait longer to see if it finally comes to consoles and smartphones, the latter have little chance, but we can never rule anything out.
The brothers Pau and Marc Gasol acknowledged to be "something special" and "eager" to make the initial jump on Sunday at the 64th All-Star Games 2015 to be play at Madison Square Garden, New York.

"A moment to never forget all that means as professionals and our family to have had the support of the fans," said the elder Gasol brothers, playing his first season with the Chicago Bulls. "We know that the game is for fun, but recognition is what counts."
Meanwhile, Marc Gasol, who enjoys his life as a professional in the last year of contract with the Memphis Grizzlies. "It will be an unforgettable moment in my life, all that means having my brother's rival, yet together in a game where all the stars," he assessed.

Both also agreed to be a great match and will take the field at Madison Square Garden with the sole intention of victory for their respective teams and more when it comes to something historic, having for the first time in the All- two brothers Star Games holders in the same game and opponents.

Clash of Clans New Strategy

Clash of Clans News

However, do not let this be an easy task for the enemy. Most likely, after ending its resources he will want to finish the job destroying their village. Place bombs and traps along the way that it will pass in order to eliminate most of the troops.
 fill the inside with some Hidden Teslas to make the enemy use more troops will fall into their trap later on.
   Protecting your assets
In Clash of Clans there is a shield that protects you against attacks. This shell can be purchased in two fomas: buying using gems or suffer an attack. In the latter, a 12-hour shield will be given if the enemy destroy your village center or to reach a percentage of 45% of destruction.
Upon reaching 50% of destruction, he will receive a star; to destroy your village center will receive two; and completely destroy their village, reaching 100% of destruction, he will receive a third and you will get a 16-hour shield.
Clash of Clans New Strategy Guide
   However, there are players who choose to attack villages to leave her exposed center, just to make a small - most importantly - the amount of trophies, not bothering to continue the attack.
If you, as a player opt for this type of layout, when an enemy attack your village center, you will lose a minimal amount of trophies for the most part and protect its resources, in addition to winning a shield and 12 hours, which will allow you to accumulate more and more features.
  One last tip: "Cut the grass." By this I meanour village. Many green gems hidden inside, which are a more important extremely valuable resource to accelerate our buildings or our production resources, or even create new builders. In fact, I recommend save them for this last task, because it is your best long-term use. Of course, we can also buy these green gems with real money if we want, but get a few "free" by removing an old trunk never hurts.